Here are some links to a few of my favorite websites!

Geek news stuff:

Engadget – News about current and upcoming gadgets and tech products.
Internet Storm Center – Up to date information about software vulnerabilities and network security.
Securelist – Articles about network security.
Slashdot – News for nerds, stuff that matters.

Great Online Tools:

IntoDNS – A great website for checking your DNS configuration.
Subnet Calculator – A quick and easy online tool to calculate IPv4 subnets.
SubnetOnline – More online network tools and subnet calculators.

Resources and Documentaiton:

nixCraft – Insights into Linux admin work.
IANA – The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. – Online Linux documentation and man pages.

Some other fun stuff:

Cacti – A network graphing solution using SNMP, RRDTool, and other means to create graphs of just about everything!
Penny Arcade – Geeky gaming comics.
XKCD – A geeky webcomic.
How Stuff Works.
Nintendo8 – Play 8-bit NES games online!

Friends of SophieDogg:

Sarnowski Contracting – Professional General Contracting and Construction services in and around Erie, Pennsylvania.
Woman’s Club of Erie – A non-profit club for women in Erie, PA.
Mancino Academy – The BEST Taekwondo and Judo school in Erie, PA.

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