Previously I did a post on how to have some Fun With IPv6 Words, and how to generate an IPv6 word list, but one request I keep getting is for a smaller list of just the funny IPv6 words.

So, below I went through the word list that I previously generated, pulled out just the funnier words, and made some “IPv6 phrases.” Can you find any more? Let me know in the comments!

Funny IPv6 Phrases
a1f:ea75:ca75 bad:babe:a9ed:18 dead:beef:ca1f d0d0:i5:dead
alf eats cats bad babe aged 18 dead beef calf dodo is dead
b19:ba11:bag a11:beef:c1ad:babe 1ce:1ce:babe a11:beef:7ac0
big ball bag all beef clad babe ice ice babe all beef taco
b19:b00b:babe 1:see:bad:c0de b19:b00b:babe:cafe b19:a55:9a1a
big boob babe I see bad code big boob babe cafe big ass gala
b19:7175:babe deaf:d0e:15:f00d 1337:c0de:4:11fe ba1d:babe:be:be5t
big tits babe deaf doe is food leet code 4 life bald babe be best
ea7:beef:7ac0:d095 dead:beef:cafe 1:ea7:dead:beef ba1d:7ac0:be:be5t
eat beef taco dogs dead beef café I eat dead beef bald taco be best
b19:fa7:d00b 1:be:a:7001 5a11:a:b0a7 9a1:g07:a:70ad:face
big fat doob I be a tool sail a boat gal got a toad face
a11:90d5:be:11e5 7a11:a1e:cafe c01d:c01a:cafe 1d1e:f001
all gods be lies tall ale cafe cold cola cafe idle fool
1:907:a:fa7:10af aced:a11:7e57 9a9a:i5:dead da75:a:900d:90a7
i got a fat loaf aced all test gaga is dead dats a good goat

Below are some of the funnier IPv6 words that you can spell. Let me know if you can make up any funny phrases in the comments!

Funny IPv6 Words
abba ba95 b0a5 cfc deaf eff f1d0 91f7 1a55 5e11
abc ba11 b0a7 c1ad dea1 e99 f19 919 1a57 51de
abcd ba1d b0b c1ef deb e990 f195 919a 1a7e 517
abe ba1e b0b5 c0a1 deb7 e995 f17 9191 1ead 517e
abe1 ba5e b0b0 c0a7 dec e1f f175 9190 1eaf 510b
ab1e ba55 b0d c0b dee e1f5 f122 911 1eed 50b
ace ba7 b0de c0bb deed e7c f1ea 91ee 1ee7 50d
aced ba7e b0d5 c0b5 dee5 faa f1ed 910b 1ef7 50da
ace5 ba75 b0ff c0ca dee7 fab f1ee 90a1 1e09 50fa
add bb1 b09 c0c0 def fab5 f0b 90a7 1e90 50f7
add5 bead b095 c0d de11 fac f0b5 90b 1e95 501d
a9e bebe b017 c0de de17 face f0e 90d 10ad 501e
a9ed bed b00 c0d5 d1b5 fac7 f0e5 90d5 10af 5010
a1a5 bede b00b c0ed d1ce fad f09 900d 10b 57ab
a11 bed5 b007 c01a d1ff fade f01d 900f 10c0 57a9
a11a bee cab c01d d19 fa9 f00d 9009 100f 57a7
a1e beeb cab5 c001 d195 fa95 f001 907 1007 7ab
a1e5 beef caca c007 d0a fa11 f007 1ce 5aab 7ac0
a1f bee5 cafe c057 d0c fa7e 9aff 1ced 5afe 7a11
a1fa bee7 ca9e c07 d0d0 fb1 9a9 1dea 5a9a 7ea1
a11 be9 ca1f dab d0e fea7 9a9a 1d1e 5a9e 7ea7
a55 be95 ca11 dab5 d011 feb 9a9e 1ab 5a1e 7ed
baa be11 ca5a dad d00 fed 9a95 1ab5 5ea1 7ee
baab be17 ca5e dada d00b fee 9a1a 1ace 5ea7 7e11
bab b1d ca57 daff ea7 feed 9a11 1ad 5ec 70ad
baba b1de ca7 daf7 ecc0 fee1 9a1e 1ad5 5ed 7001
babb b1ff ca75 da1e ed fee5 9a7 1aff 5ee 7007
babe b17 cb db ed9e fee7 9a7e 1a9 5eed 20b0
bad b17e cede dea ee1 fe11 91ad 1a95 5e9a 20e
ba9 b0a ce11 dead ee15 fe17 91f 1a5e 5e1f 200

Don’t forget to check my Fun With IPv6 Words page for a larger list of words, along with some instructions on creating your own list.

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